Ayurveda : A 'Science of Life' Ritual Called 'Oil Pulling' for Amazing Health Benefits
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Ayurveda : A 'Science of Life' Ritual Called 'Oil Pulling' for Amazing Health Benefits

A all-natural cleansing ritual called "oil pulling" that purports to remove harmful bacteria and plaque from the mouth, for improved health and better quality of life.


Rinsing the Mouth with Cold Pressed Oil

While looking for topics to write about and specifically, some information regarding the benign periodontal cyst that I had removed a few months ago (See: Mandibular Cyst Removal article,) I came across several pages regarding an Ayureda cleaning ritual called “oil pulling’ that piqued my interest.

The articles concerns findings and a report made by a Ukrainian medical doctor, F. Karach, M.D. and a simple healing process using a one-to-three times daily oral flush using a tablespoon of cold-pressed oil to remove toxins from the body via the salivary glands and mucosa of the mouth. This is part of an Ayurveda health treatment ritual.

Ayurveda Means “Science of Life”

Ayurveda is a system of traditional homeopathic medicine from India and in regards to oil pulling, the rinsing of the mouth with cold-pressed oil (use refined oil if cold-pressed is not available) and vigorously swish one tablespoon in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Do not swallow this as it is picking up bacteria and plaques from between your teeth, under the gum line and across the tongue. Swallowing this (apart from being gross!) will flood your system with far more bacteria than it can conveniently handle or is normally accustomed to.

The preferred oils to use are those of sunflower and sesame, which are cited to be best choices. The oil used does not have to be the expensive organic type either; grocery store brands are okay for this. The oil must not be swallowed; I found this caveat stated several times in my research. This actually makes some kind of reasonable sense from a medical point of view I suppose. Regular dental cleaning removes plaque from your teeth and from beneath the gum line and it has been shown that these are the same plaque bacteria that can in case of poor dental hygiene get into a patient’s bloodstream and cause damage to their heart and arteries (see: Coronary Artery Disease.)

Just as regular professional dental cleaning removes this dangerous plaque, perhaps ‘oil pulling’ can help this very same process in an easy at-home ritual. Healthy living can reasonably be extended to include anything that removes dental plaques and bacteria from the mouth, but there's more.

Some of the stated benefits to removing these bacterial plaques via oil pulling are said to be relief from tooth pain and loose teeth, headaches, bronchitis (of which I have had a particular long-term affliction with until two years ago when I had a concha bullosa surgically removed from both of my sinuses,) improved functioning of the kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines, etc. This Ayurveda cleansing treatment is also said to help improve those whom suffer from chronic sleeplessness, and prevents the growth of malignant tumors. Loose teeth will become tighter in their socket, and whiter as well! The list of benefits goes on. It seems as if the patient-practitioner can experience a veritable plethora of desirable healthy effects.

This 'oil pulling' should be done on an empty stomach say, four hours after having eaten or performed prior to breakfast. This is not explained why this is recommended on the articles that I read but I could surmise that it limits the reflux potential. You may feel the urge to vomit until you get used to the flavor and the feeling of cooking oil in your mouth and possibly there may be other reasons for the requirement of an empty stomach.

I Tried Oil Pulling: Here is my Report

As I have been typing, I have been swishing a tablespoon of cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my mouth, using the recommended suck/spit swishing and ‘faux-chewing’ method to force the oil rapidly and thoroughly between the teeth and cause maximum salivation. You want to involve the back molars too while doing this, letting the oil wash over them too. And again, do not swallow this. Use your tongue to 'pump' the solution around the inside of the mouth. If your jaw muscles become tired, you are working this too hard. It should not cause muscle pain.

I could only do this for 18 of the recommended 20 minutes before the urge to expel overtook me and still, I feel pretty good about the early results.

First, - I had expected the ‘gag factor’ to be a bit higher than it actually was. It was I dare say even moderately tolerable for me the first-timer, and the oil was more tasteless than expected even for extra virgin olive oil. In the final few minutes of my swishing I had accumulated so much saliva that my mouth was quite full and I was most definitely ready to expel this vile oral cocktail into the toilet. Expelling into the toilet is what is recommended. If you expel into the sink be sure to clean the sink afterward with sanitizing cleanser because of the high bacterial load of the fluid.

The expelled mixture was as it was touted to be; a very loose watery and frothy white-clear liquid. There was not the expected dark green color of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil when I began. If the expelled oil is still colored (yellow for sunflower or sesame, or another color for different oil type) then the effect was not complete. It is said that this expectorated mixture viewed under a microscope will be swarming with bacteria, but the same could also reasonably be said for any mouth rinse so held in the mouth for 20-minutes in the manner described.

Several hours later, I repeated this procedure but for only 10 minutes and as before, the 'thickness' of the fluid started to change to viscous and water-like after about 5 minutes and the change was rapid once it bagan. I expectorated it at less than 10 minutes (too early) and was expecting the fluid to be 'white-clear' again, but this time it was a foul yellow color. This is said to be because the procedure had not been given enough time ot be effective.

Both times, my mouth post-oil pulling does feel cleaner; the teeth have a ‘pearly’ feel when I run my tongue over them. It almost feels as if my gums are ‘tightened’ too, as if the 'mucous slime' from the insides of the cheeks, tongue, gums and roof of the palate have been scrubbed clean.

There might be something to this oil pulling treatment. Do some research; read up on "oil pulling" and decide for yourself.

Remember, this is not intended to replace any competent medical advice or treat any specific symptom you may have. Discuss any medical symptoms with your Certified Health Care Provider. This homeopathic remedy is not intended to replace any recommended treatment that they may provide, and this treatment should be discussed with them if you are being treated for any specific affliction to prevent any possible contraindications.

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This sounds interesting! 20 minutes is a really long time to have a mouthful of oil, but I'm intrigued enough to do more reading. Thanks for the well-written article.

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I want to submit articles on ayurveda

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am an ayurvedic doctor with special treatment for male infertility

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