One of the Earliest Known Medicinals, Apple Cider Vinegar is Still One of the Best
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One of the Earliest Known Medicinals, Apple Cider Vinegar is Still One of the Best

The historic place vinegar holds as a curative. This article presents a brief history of apple cider vinegar's uses throughout the centuries as well as its current scientifically-proven uses.

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the many uses and benefits of honey and salt, so let’s talk a little about another of nature's curatives--apple cider vinegar!

     Dating as far back as the first medicinals published in ancient China and Greece, apple cider vinegar has been extolled for its many practical and medicinal uses. The ancient Greeks used vinegar as both an internal curative as well as an external antibiotic, and the famous Roman physician and medical researcher Galen of Pergamum (129--200 AD) recorded more than 1,000 uses for vinegar during his studies of the heart, arteries, veins, and peripheral nervous system.   During the Middle Ages, vinegar was commonly used as a deodorant and mouthwash, and even in the past few centuries, numerous American herbalists from Nicholas Culpepper to Jethro Kloss to M. Grieve have advocated apple cider vinegar as one of the most useful, effective, and underrated medicinal and curative substances known to mankind.   Yet surprisingly, although vinegar was used routinely by a great many people around the world until just the past 50 years--it then mysteriously fell out of popularity and nobody seemed to even notice.

     Born in 1901, my grandmother used diluted vinegar to treat any common cut, blister, sore, or abrasion. She also added apple cider vinegar to water for general household cleaning of counter tops and other commonly used surfaces, knowing that vinegar is a powerful disinfectant (even superior to Lysol).   From upset stomachs to sunburn to swimmers ear, my grandmother would run for the vinegar and cure these everyday ailments quickly and effectively.  And now that vinegar has fallen out of common use, modern science has finally caught up with what my grandmother knew nearly a century ago!

    Today, the Yale-New Haven Hospital uses vinegar to disinfect operating rooms before and after surgery (vinegar now a proven powerful anti-bacterial).  For minor food poisoning cases, as well as ear and eye infections, an increasing number of hospitals across the country are turning to vinegar rather than commercial disinfectants.  And in clinics across the continen, modern enlightened doctors are suggesting apple cider vinegar to their patients for arthritis, strep and staph infections, migraine headaches, rashes, acid reflex, and much, much more!  But its uses hardly stop there! 

Here is a partial list of some of the “proven” uses for apple cider vinegar:

--calming upset stomachs

--easing leg cramps

--soothing sprained muscles

--appetite control

--cough relief



--hiccup relief

--cool sunburn

--improve memory

--cure sore throat

--cure rashes and itchy skin

--lower blood pressure

--lower cholesterol

--cure bladder infection

--reduce/kill common skin infections

--ward away on-coming cold

--treat burns

--soothe sore feet and hands

-fade blemishes and age spots

--dissolve corns and calluses

     Clearly, most any of us could benefit from returning to the methods my Grandmother used.  New studies indicate that combining apple cider vinegar with other elements like blueberries, onion, garlic, honey or ginger can greatly increase its curative properties--and greatly expand its application.  (It may be decades before we know all its valuable uses!)  And obviously a gallon jug of apple cider vinegar is far less expensive than all the chemicals and ingredients it replaces.  And even at twice the price, its capabilities would still make it worthwhile!

(Remember: Like all natural curatives, results vary from individual to individual and some may even have an adverse effect.  That being the case, always use cautiously at first and discontinue should problems arise.) 

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wow quite list. I've heard a lot with apple cider.