Garlic's Good and Bad Effects in Our Health
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Garlic's Good and Bad Effects in Our Health

Ever since garlic becomes a part of our daily meals as part of our seasoning. It has rich aroma but most people do not like the smell of it. In Middle Ages, garlic was used as a substitute for antibiotic and became very effective in treating colds, infections, lowering blood pressures and many more benefits. Researchers found out that garlic has many good benefits in our health but excessive use of it could have bad effects in our health condition. That is why we need to know when and how to use garlic in its proper way.

No wonder this garlic has gained the trust of many people today including doctors and researchers who made a thorough study of garlic's benefits in our health. Let us know what researchers found as good effect of garlic in our health.

Garlic's Good Effect in our Health

Garlic contains germanium that is good in fighting cancer cells. It is also commonly effective in slowing down the progress of tumor cells, stomach cancer cells and even prostate cancer cells. Garlic when sliced in small cuts and set aside for 15 minutes after peeling produces more chemical reactions that enhances the factor of garlic's ability to fight cancer cells. All of us have cancer cells in our body; the problem is when it becomes stronger than our normal cells. Garlic weakens these cancer cells. Researchers also found it effective to crush the garlic as it becomes richer in flavor. 

It is not only for people with high blood pressure but ideal also for those with low blood pressure as garlic normalizes the level of our blood. It has antioxidant properties that keep it effective in maintaining the good condition of our heart as well as the immune system of our cells.

Garlic also strengthens our immune system as it produces T-lymphocyte that helps our natural killer cells to be strong and work actively to kill bad cells in our body.

Researchers also found out that garlic contains Allicin, a sulfur compound that is used to fight against germs ability to multiply. In fact a small piece of garlic can be a substitute to 10 to 15 Penicillin.

Garlic can be used as a source of proteins and vitamin A, B and C. It is rich in other vitamins and nutrients too.

It can also be used as a way to control weight. For those who would like to control their weight at cheap cost, garlic is the answer as it contains Allicin that helps prevent our body to gain weight.

Garlic’s Bad Effect in Our Health

It is not advisable to consume garlic in greater quantities as it also has bad effects on our health. Anything in excess is not good in our health. The same is true with garlic. There are few bad effects of garlic in our health that researchers found out through careful studies.

It can be cause of bad breath and body odor. It will not only affect the smell of our mouth but our body as a whole if we eat too much garlic especially if it is eaten as fresh or raw. Our sweat has a smell of garlic too and it will not go away until a week or two. The best thing to do is to drink a lemon juice after eating garlic to lessen this bad effect or always eat in moderation.

Garlic has a very powerful flavor that it could have a burning effect in our stomach if taken in larger quantities. This could lead to stomach ulcer as well if one is eating too much garlic.

Studies also reveal that over eating of garlic could lead to vomiting, nausea and skin allergies. It is best to eat small quantities of garlic to avoid these side effects.

All in all, garlic has good and bad effects in our health. But of course we can get more benefits from garlic than its side effects. We just need to eat garlic in moderation. Also, consult your doctor if you have seen any allergic reactions or serious side effects in your health. 



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