Government Controlling Supplements Has Begun
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Government Controlling Supplements Has Begun

In the past, government regulation was minimal however in just less than 15 years the control has drastically increased. Consumers will see a sharp up trend in natural food supplements being greatly controlled in the near future with stark changes not all embraced.

Supplements do not make the drug companies rich, so invariably those natural food supplements are downgraded by the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and many doctors. Food supplements have been labeled nutritional, food, vitamins, additives, dietary aids, nutrients, herbs, herbal remedies, herbal supplements, natural health products, minerals and natural cures for assorted health conditions.  Treatments for numerous conditions have been talked about for centuries with supplements on the lips of those conversations. Now the word control might be added when this topic is discussed. 

Over fifteen and a half million searches on the internet occur inquiring about supplements in less than .25 seconds show how popular the topic is world wide. Many countries buy, produce and sell to others so this this is not limited to the United States. Some American focuses believe they will control supplement flow throughout the world and it has already begun.

Before 1994 many supplements and vitamin companies were bought up by the major drug companies so the money could be funneled into their pockets. With the changing of labels, sometimes even additives; the price got altered. With the United States Dietary Supplemental Health and Education Act of 1994 guidelines categorized dietary supplement in specific ways according to the ingredients. If a vitamin, mineral, herb or other botanical (excluding tobacco), amino acid or concentrate, metabolite, extract, constituent or any mixture was present it was to be labeled dietary supplement.

More stipulations were mandatory for the dietary supplement labeling from this government Act.  Dietary demanded it be taken orally in pill, tablet, powder, liquid or capsule form. Furthermore it was not permitted to be advertised to use as a meal replacement or used as conventional food while the label stated "dietary supplement".

The FDA requires notification regarding the above mentioned ingredient which is to be reviewed by the Federal Drug Administration indicating the ingredient is safe. There is then a seventy-five day hold so the product cannot be marketed, yet a total of ninety days after these forms are given, the FDA posts non proprietary information on their website. This permits the ingredient to be sold, however does not mention its safety.

Over $18 Billion dollars of supplements are presently under the control of the FDA with a monumental of one third of all imports governed and regulated by that branch of government involving food and non food items.  This is not including prescription chemical compositions and OTC ( over the counter) medicines.

Codex Alimentarius Commission controls international food standards since 1963 bringing the WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) work in unison to monitor imports, exports and world consumables. These organizations do much more, but for these facts on supplements, they are stated with their position of control only.


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Quite informative....

Very informative information! Voted up!

Interesting information . . . Voted up

I think this is a good move from the government.

You hit the nail on the head when you said the changes were due to it not making certain companies money! Drug companies put pressure on the government, and the government caved. If people think everything the FDA approves is really safe they are wrong, the FDA is pressured by $ to let certain things pass. There are many things allowed in the USA that are banned in other nations where the pharmasutical companies do not control the government.

Another good article. Well done on this interesting article.

This article is very interesting. Profiterring from the health of the people has always been fascinating to me. Good article!

What people put in their mouths is good business for profit seekers.

Thank you for this very interesting post.