Herbal and Natural Remedies for Bad Breath
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Herbal and Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

The three best natural things you can do to reduce or eliminate bad breath are to drink a lot of water (it rinses your teeth and gums), reduce your sugar and fat intake, and end each meal with a piece of fruit. Apples are particularly good for cleansing the teeth, gums, and pallet of odor-producing bacteria. In America, we traditionally end each meal with something sweet-- and loaded with fat and sugar. This was not always so, even in America. And all that sticky plaque-inducing food residue is the perfect place for the germs that cause most bad breath to grow.

The next important thing you can do for bad breath is to floss once a day. I know-- I sound like a dentist-- and that's the point. Dentists are trained in oral health techniques, and they've been telling us how important flossing and regular brushing are for decades!

Depending on the cause of your bad breath, there are several recommended Essential Oils for creating a natural or herbal mouthwash. Consider combining two tablespoons of water and one drop each of Peppermint and Lavender EO in a small squirt bottle. Shake and squirt directly into the mouth. Herbs that can help with oral health include Parsley, Mint, and Basil. Also, remember that a Vitamin C (and other nutritional) deficiency often shows up first in the mouth.

For Digestive Problems:

  • 2 drops Peppermint
  • 2 drops Lemon

For Gum Disease:

  • 2 drops Tea Tree
  • 2 drops Thyme

For General bad breath:

  • 4 drops Lavender

Dilute the selected 4 drops of EO's in one teaspoon of brandy, and then put in a tumbler of warm water and use as a mouthwash. Try not to eat or drink (or smoke) for at least 30 minutes after using, and longer if possible. When buying mouthwash in the store, I tend to look for ones without alcohol as the main ingredient. Consider a Fluoride rinse, too, if you don't drink public water on a regular basis. Fluoride should not be swallowed, but it promotes healthy teeth.


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Comments (3)
Bad Breath Prevention

[...] Herbal and natural remedies for bad breath | Factoidz [...]

Bad Breath

Thanks for pointing out the importance of saliva in the battle against bad breath. I think most people don't realize that the most important natural remedy for bad breath already exists within their mouth! Ending the meal with an apple is a great tip as well.

Bad Breath

The other bad breath benefit of drinking plenty of water is that it helps keep saliva flow up. Saliva is probably the most important tool we have to help keep sulfur compound producing anaerobic oral bacteria under control. These are the bacteria most responsible for the bad odors in our mouths.