Herbal Remedies for Sore Throats
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Herbal Remedies for Sore Throats

Learn about what herbs are useful for soothing sore throats and how to use those herbs in making a relaxing tea. Sweeten with honey to coat the throat. Learn about the problems with using commercial antibiotics every time you get sick. Learn about Virginia Lulham's latest book titled "Wonderful World of Herbs" and find out where you can go to get your copy!!

Many people ask about herbal remedies for various ailments and herbal remedies for sore throats is one of the most popular questions. My answer ( as with all my answers) is based on my knowledge and personal experience in using herbs on a daily basis.

I own a small company making and selling herbal products. Among them, herbal teas is my favorite. You can make a tea for just about any ailment so long as you know what herbs to use. You can get creative with flavor-additives such as orange peel, lavender buds, etc once you get comfortable with the herbs.

You can make a hot tea, sweetened with honey using the following herbs: Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, St. John's Wort, Chamomile, Peppermint, Licorice Root, Horehound, Mullein, White Willow Bark, Kava Kava Root, and Passion Flower. To add flavor and additional health benefits, you can add rosehips, schizandra berries, orange peel, cinnamon chips, and elderberries. Grind all the roots/berries up then combine with the remaining herbs and use a tablespoon of dried herb mix for every 6 oz of near-boiling water. Allow the herbs to steep in the water for several minutes and then drink while very warm - test it first to make sure you don't burn your mouth.

Red Clover and Green Tea are great bases for any herbal tea as well. Also, adding lemongrass or lemon balm to a tea helps give it even more flavor and added nutrients.

Herbal remedies are making a big comeback now as people realize that herbal products and medicines are much safer than commercial products. Herbal products may sometimes take longer to work than commercial medicines, but that is because herbal medicines work with your body to heal itself naturally whereas commercial medicines force your body to "get better" quicker, and then leave our immune system lowered because our body did not have a chance to complete fight off whatever was making us sick to begin with. Also, herbal antibiotics can be used without having the same side effects as commercial antibiotice. Your body builds immunity to foreign materials and if the antbiotics are not natural, then your body will see them as foreign matter and will build an immunity to them. So in later years, when you truly need a commercial antibiotic, they won't work for you because you will have used them too many times, your body will not respond to them.

So the next time you get a sore throat or a cough/cold or other minor illness, research herbal remedies first because if you go to the doctor, I can almost guarantee you that the doctor will put you on antibiotics and you don't really need them.

For more recipes on remedies, check out my website. Also, my latest herb book "Wonderful World of Herbs" is available in hard copy for those who are interested.  You can learn many new things besides various tea recipes. You can learn how to make healing salves and cough syrups and much more.

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Comments (2)

Good and useful remedies.

excelent remedies for sore throats  thanks for sharin