How Cumin Seeds Can Aid in Cancer Prevention
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How Cumin Seeds Can Aid in Cancer Prevention

Health benefits of cumin seeds. Cumin seeds provide many health benefits. One of the major health benefits of cumin seeds is its ability to prevent cancer. Cumin seeds contain many anti-cancer nutrients and phytonutrients. These compounds are crucial for preventing cancer. Check out how cumin seeds can aid in cancer prevention.

Cumin is native to India and East Mediterranean region and also known as Cuminum cyminum. Cumin seeds are the part of many culinary dishes and one of the most popular spices. But besides the culinary importance, cumin seeds are well known for therapeutic properties as well. These seeds are important part of natural medicines and used as herbal remedies to get rid of many health problems. Cumin seeds are excellent source of iron and they contain significantly high amounts of manganese, magnesium and calcium. Cumin seeds are used to treat many health problems. Among all of them the most important one is cumin seeds’ ability to prevent cancer. Let’s find out how cumin seeds can aid in cancer prevention.

Cumin Seeds and Cancer Prevention

Cumin seeds are not only a great spice but wonderful natural source of many minerals especially iron. This highly nutritious spice is responsible for preventing and curing so many health problems and diseases. The major health benefits of cumin seeds are digestive system health benefits, kidney and liver health benefits, skin health benefits, diabetes benefits, common cold health benefits and benefits of treating insomnia. These seeds are very helpful to make you energetic.  Cumin seeds contain strong anti-oxidant vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These anti-oxidant properties play vital role in the prevention of cancer.

In addition to anti-oxidant properties, cumin seeds also provide anti-bacterial properties. Anti-bacterial properties are equally important for preventing cancer. Anti-carcinogenic properties of cumin seeds prevent the development of liver and stomach tumours. Cumin seeds are a strong source of anti-oxidants, by reducing free radical damages and increasing liver's detoxification enzymes, cumin seeds help to prevent the development of cancer.

Anti-inflammatory properties of cumin seeds are also very important to prevent cancer. Caffeic, chlorogenic, ferulic and other phenolics acids are the sources of anti-inflammatory properties. These natural compounds are vital for cancer prevention.

Cumin seeds are essential for increasing the activity of a protective enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase, which helps to clean up cancer causing agents. Research has shown that cumin seeds are very effective in the prevention of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer.

Overall, cumin seeds are highly beneficial in the prevention cancer. Black cumin seeds are also very nutritious as these seeds contain antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immuno-potentiating properties. Cumin seeds do not have any common or serious side effects. It’s a highly nutritious spice and consumption of these seeds can protect you from dangerous cancer, also improve your overall health.

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I used to put cumin seeds into mung dahl, I learned this from my Indian friends and it taste very good. I also put the herb asafoetida.