Smoking Herbs Vs Non-smoking All Together
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Smoking Herbs Vs Non-smoking All Together

Smoking legal herb blends for different reasons in comparison to not smoking at all. People get so tied up in trying to tell others what they think they should do that they forget that everyone has the same rights as everyone else. A non-smoker is not better than a smoker, and vice-versa. Non-smokers need to stop trying to control when and where smokers are "allowed" to smoke. Using herbs as a smoking blend, when you are already a smoker, can have some benefits to it. If you don't smoke at all - including for recreational purposes - then don't smoke herbal blends. If you smoke anything at all - even legal blends to get high - then you have no right to tell a smoker where to smoke and where not to smoke because you are a smoker too. It doesn't matter what you are smoking - if you smoke ANYTHING AT ALL you ARE a smoker.

Quitting smoking is a good health decision. However, you need to want to quit for yourself, not to make anyone else happy or you will grow to resent them. I have seen this happen. If you decide that you don't want to smoke anymore, then you can quit without all the "aids". I talked to my doctor about this topic to see if my opinion was legit and she agreed that if someone truly wants to quit smoking, they won't need an aid to do so. The stop-smoking aids are crutches for people who don't really want to quit but are sick of hearing family members and friends nag them about it. We have started rolling our own cigarettes and we buy the tube/filters and the tobacco and we use a manual machine that fills the tubes with the tobacco. So the home-rolled cigarettes look like commercial cigarettes instead of joints. LOL I have noticed that I don't smoke as much anymore now. Commercial cigarettes contain tar and added addictive chemcials in addition to the tobacco blend in order to get people hooked on smoking faster and longer. If you spend $60, you can get a rolling machine and enough tobacco and tube/filters for approx 2 cartons of smokes and then after the initial purchase which includes the price of the machine, it will only cost you approx $25 for 1.5-2cartons. I used to smoke camel #9s because of the smooth, slightly sweet taste. The tobacco I am using to roll my own is the same blend that camel uses to make those cigarettes only it is straight tobacco, not the chemicalized tobacco. So you don't feel the urge to smoke as often.

Smoking at all is very bad for you, but if you are going to smoke anyway, then buying your own supplies and making your own smokes is the way to go because you get a lot more for your money and it isn't AS bad for you as the commercial smokes.

Smoking herbal blends can be beneficial to someone who already smokes. If you don't already smoke, then smoking herbal blends is not the best way to go. Making a tea is better. But if you smoke, then creating blends for various uses is a good idea. I am working on a blend that will help repair damage done to lung tissue. Herbal smoke is not as rough on your lungs as commercial smokes. There are herbs with great healing abilities too. So using some of them can actually repair your damaged tissues and help soothe your smoker's cough.

I know that my views on smoking are not extremely popular, but that is one of the benefits of the freedom of speech. Smoking now has such a stigma attached to it that if someone sees you smoking, they don't even think about the possibility that it could be homemade cigarettes and not the commercial ones, their immediate thought is disgust for the smoker. That narrow-mindedness is what irritates many smokers because smokers have just as much right to smoke as non-smokers have to not smoke. But because non-smokers don't like the smell of cigarettes, and there is now so many health problems attributed to smoking,  non-smokers have started trying to control the smokers. That is why there are such hughe issues over smoking. It is not a non-smoker's right to control and decide whether or not a smoker is going to smoke. You can control the no-smoking in your house, vehicle, building, etc. But other than areas that you personally have control over, you don't have the right to tell someone to not smoke. Before I started smoking, I was around people who did smoke and even then it used to irritate me when I heard a family member criticizing the smoking family member for smoking because it isn't their right to do so. So now that I smoke, I am even more vehemently opposed to non-smokers trying to control things so that they have everything the way they want it. It has gotten out of hand and the more you try to force something, the more the person is going to push back. I know people who have started smoking just in protest of the way non-smokers treat smokers. I know that is their decision, but if non-smokers didn't push and criticize and judge smokers, then you would probably see a decline in smokers.

I think that herbal smokes are fine to use for various purposes if you are already a smoker of any kind. If you smoke "incense" or weed or other herbs, then you have no right to tell a smoker what to smoke either because you are a smoker as well. Lol  I hope that maybe this has helped both sides of the fence see the reality of the situation and maybe the non-smokers will back off a little and see what happens when they no longer are trying to force the smokers to quit smoking.

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