The Medicinal Benefits of Garlic
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The Medicinal Benefits of Garlic

The main medicinal content of garlic is the allicin which is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties. Regular intake of garlic will help you become healthier.Garlic is not only a food enhancer or spice to add flavor to your food but it is also a very popular medicinal herb that has many medicinal benefits. Garlic when taken regularly will boost your immune system thus help you ward of different types of diseases and illnesses.

Garlic is one of the favorite spices in the kitchen that adds flavor to almost any kind of food that you cook but there is more to garlic than the essence that it gives to food.  Garlic is also an herbal medicinal plant with many health benefits; although too much consumption could lead to stomach irritation or allergy. 

Some of these health benefits are derived from olden practices that proved the cure of some diseases and illnesses although there are also scientifically proven medicinal benefits of garlic.

The main medicinal content of garlic is the allicin which is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties.  Regular intake of garlic will help you become healthier.

Here are some of the medicinal benefits of garlic.


Garlic has been proven by many people to be a very good anti-biotic.  This explains why in the rural areas where anti-biotic medicines are very hard to avail, garlic is the best replacement for insect and animal bites.  It is believed that garlic juice can be applied to insect bites and even dog and cat bites to lessen the poison.  Although it is not a sure guarantee that it is very effective and going to the doctor is still the best thing to do when you are bitten by animals with poison or rabies.  Crushed garlic applied to  a bite is only a first aid.

Anti-viral and anti-fungal

Garlic is believed to have anti-viral and antifungal abilities and thus can help stimulate T-cells and help fight infection.  The anti-viral property of garlic also helps prevent allergies.

Controls hypertension and cholesterol levels

Garlic has the ability to control hypertension by thinning blood and preventing blood clots.  Garlic also helps lower the cholesterol level.  Some people take garlic just like the pills 3 times a day to help in blood pressure and cholesterol level management.  Due to the garlic’s blood thinning property, people who should undergo surgery should take precautions or talk to the doctor.


Garlic has strong anti-oxidant content that helps bad elements from damaging body cells thus prevent premature aging.   Garlic when taken regularly will help prevent early aging.

Cures colds and flu

Regular intake of garlic improves the immune system and prevents viral diseases such as colds and cough from attacking.

There are more claims in the medicinal benefits of garlic such as control of cancer cells from spreading in the body and others.  There are also garlic supplements being sold in the market.  But always remember that there are no exact substitutes to the medicines prescribed by the doctor.  Before taking garlic supplements consult your doctor first or do your research.

Garlic is more effective if crushed, minced or chopped finely.  Because of the strong scent some prefer to take garlic supplements without the strong smell.

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It' a great herb and spice. Well presented article.

excellent thanks

Nicely done and I'd eat garlic even if it had no benefits!